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Unless teachers acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to reduce possible barriers to online learning, its potential will remain unfulfilled
The three central aims of this project are to build teachers’ capacity to apply Universal Learning Design (UDL) principles to implement inclusive instruction, implement small interventions early and in time to prevent dropout, and design and deliver optimal hybrid instruction that finds a flexible balance which utilizes the relative strengths of different delivery modes.
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The SOULSS project (Scaffolding Online University Learning: Support Systems) aims to provide needs-based training to tertiary level teachers to help them move forward from the “emergency remote teaching” to the next stages on the road to the digital transformation of Higher Education Institutions. To achieve this goal, the project’s main objective is to build tertiary level teachers’ capacity to “think like an expert instructional designer” and progress towards optimal online teaching and learning. The project will provide among others a multiple-tool learning platform and a training course kit consisting of five mutually reinforcing units.

The project is implemented by a consortium of seven partners from six countries.

Reasons behind soulss

Digital transformation
The rapid acceleration of the digital transformation of higher education.
Training gap
The consequences of this training gap are intensified for students with diverse needs who require additional instructional scaffolding to successfully complete online courses.
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Higher Education Institutions wide-scale shift to online has the potential to extend equality of access to higher education for under-served groups of students.
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Get to know our methods

learn to learn

Learning platform

As part of the project, an e-learning platform will also be created, where the materials will be placed.

Learning units

As one of the project results, there will be created learning units on different aspects on UDL.

Scientific publications

In the course of the project, a great number of scientific papers will be published to support the project results.

Training activities

The project will provide training for higher education teachers.